Discovering my 'new normal' after breast cancer diagnosis at 34.

31 March 2011

Inspiration: Dreams Unlimited

OK.... so I know this is going to sound terribly sentimental, but it's TRUE!

I'm not much of a perfume wearer, but I have found one that I really like and every time I use it I contemplate its title.

Dreams Unlimited.
And I think YES.

And I like wearing it for not only the gorgeous fragrance (citrus, green chilli, white flowers and cedarwood) but also the message of its inspiring title.

And I love that it all serendipitously ties in with the fact that Hatiheri was able to be launched thanks to the amazing support and training of Bizness Babes, who are in turn assisted by the Wise Foundation, which is connected to The Body Shop Australia.

I always have been a supporter of The Body Shop's values and visions and I am thrilled to continue to be inspired by them.

(NB This is not an advertisement - I really do feel this way!)

What about you? What inspires you on a daily basis?

Hatiheri manufacturing & wholesale venture

My Hatiheri manufacturing plant.

On Tuesday, I did a lot of sewing, creating some lovely new scarves for Lisa at First Point Accessories. I met Lisa at her stall at the Eumundi Markets (Eumundi Square, next to 'Birkis') two weeks ago and she has agreed to take 6 of my scarves to see how they sell. I made up my first 'wholesale' pack and invoice. It's a learning curve for me, so fingers crossed it will go well!

The living room was such a mess during my production that I took a photo to share with you. I did get it tidied up.... eventually!

29 March 2011

22 March 2011

VIDEO: How to tie a Headscarf

How to: tie a headscarf

One thing I struggled with when first confronted with being bald, was not only what to wear on my head (for comfort and protection) but also how to wear it.

I loved wearing a scarf but wearing one on a bald head is totally different from wearing one on top of hair. Without hair, you lack bulk and springiness. I felt exposed at the back of my head/neck and just above my ears, where hair would usually poke through.

Here are a few practical shots of how to wear a headscarf to help minimise your uneasiness with this new and unusual situation:

Do/Did you have a favourite scarf or hat?

What would you wear if you were suddenly confronted with being bald?

17 March 2011

A Bald Statement

Today, I looked up 'bald' in the thesaurus to try to find a 'nicer' word to describe this rather unpleasant situation for my website.

I couldn't find any BUT I did find this:

a bald statement: plain, simple, unadorned, unvarnished, unembellished, undisguised, unveiled, stark, severe, austere, brutal, harsh; blunt, direct, forthright, plain-spoken, straight, straightforward, candid, honest, truthful, realistic, frank, outspoken; informal, upfront.

Interestingly, this is exactly how I felt (when I had the energy for feelings) when I was bald and going through chemo.

What do you think? Do/Did you feel the same way?

Do you have any preferences for a word other than 'bald'?