Discovering my 'new normal' after breast cancer diagnosis at 34.

27 December 2011

2011: It's a wrap. 2012: Bring it on.

First of all, I'm sorry I have been so slow at posting since the last post. I have been very busy with my "normal" working life, which I am thrilled to announce is somewhat returning.

Yes, I still..
  • get tired
  • am much of a home-body
  • work part time, although this is slowly increasing and I'm pushing it to the limits
  • don't drink (a hangover after half a glass of wine really doesn't make it worth it)
  • need naps during the day, although these have gone from 5 days a week napping to around 2 - 3 
  • get driven crazy with fatigue and migraines on a 4-weekly basis thanks to Zolodex
  • am on Arimidex, which is a heck of a lot better for me than Tamoxifen was
  • am exercising - running - perhaps not as much as before but at least once a week
  • am going to do the 2012 Mothers' Day Classic
  • am not sure if it's Mothers' (collective) or Mother's (singular). I am veering towards collective.
The beginning of 2012 marks 3 years post-diagnosis. Three years ago my future was a complete blank slate. In 2009 I really had absolutely no idea what I would be doing in 2012; and no idea I would be doing what I am doing.

2012 also marks the half-way mark of my 5-year treatment plan, half-way through Zolodex+Arimidex. I can distinctly remember the half-way mark of chemo: 3 sessions down and 3 to go. Now it's 2.5 years down and 2.5 to go. I am very much looking forward to being off the drugs, but anxious about it too. On the odd day when I forget to take my Arimidex, I get that glimmer of exuberance and energy levels that my body is capable of; it's not until the next day when I see the pill still in its packet that I realise the reason for my temporary new-found but soon-lost surge of vitality. At least it's there - waiting to be captured in its full essence in 2014/15.

So, bring on 2012 and let the countdown continue.