Discovering my 'new normal' after breast cancer diagnosis at 34.

30 June 2011

Reasons to Run 1: It's cheap

The best part about running is that unless I want to, I don't have to pay any fees to join a gym, club, group, or employ a personal trainer. Cost is important, because for me, living with the after-effects of cancer diagnosis means my cash-flow isn't as healthy as it was in the past.

The only start-up costs are a decent pair of running shoes:

... and a sports bra:

I got my running shoes on sale from a shop in the city for $AU 70 and my bra from a department store for around $AU 60. No fancy bells and whistles, no special clothes, no ipod, no timer, no pedometer, no-thing else ... I am set to go!

28 June 2011

Cancer vocabulary: "New Normal"

One of the new words/phrases in my vocabulary since cancer diagnosis in 2009 is "new normal": a concept I both understand and resent at the same time...

The Cancer Council NSW's page on Life after treatment puts it succinctly:
"Many people are surprised to discover that life after treatment presents its own challenges.
"Some people feel pressure from their family and friends to get back to their ‘normal life’. Everyone will eventually re-establish a daily routine, but it will be at their own pace and may be different to how things were in the past. Some people call this a ‘new normal’.
"Give yourself time to adjust to physical and emotional changes. You may not be fit enough to do your usual activities around the house. If you’re returning to work, ease back into it slowly, rather than rushing back the week after leaving hospital.
"Some people say that after cancer, they have changed priorities and see life with a new clarity. For example, you may decide to spend more time with family, start a new hobby, travel or get involved in advocacy or volunteer work."

... understand because this is exactly what has happened/is happening to me.

... resent because I really want the old normal back!

25 June 2011

Crafties: Jess Van Den

I want to make a special mention to Jess Van Den, who embodies all things crafty, creative and clever!

Jess has several projects in operation...

1. Epheriell Designs - her main line of jewellery, using eco-sterling silver to create unique, modern designs.

2. Vintette - her new range of fun, sweet, pretty jewellery with vintage and vintage-inspired elements.

3. *bespoke* zine - her crafty magazine.

4. Crafty and Connected - her new online course: "a social media bootcamp for your indie biz".

I think Jess is amazing and does a wonderful job of running her successful businesses!

09 June 2011

Brisbane Running Festival: About


The Brisbane Running Festival is celebrating 20 years this year! In 2011, the official charity of the Brisbane Running Festival is the Cancer Council Queensland, the state’s leading organisation dedicated to reducing the impact of cancer.

By training for the Brisbane Running Festival and by choosing to fundraise for Cancer Council Queensland I am supporting a great cause AND reducing my own risk of cancer returning.

There are 4 running events which you can participate in: Marathon (42km), Half-marathon (21km), 10km, and 2km. I'm training for the 10km. Wish me luck!


Brisbane Running Festival

Cancer Council Queensland

My Everyday Hero Fundraising Site

07 June 2011

Hatiheri as a Guest Blogger: Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Today my post as a guest writer was featured on Marie's wonderful blog, Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer (JBBC).

There you can read my blog post about how I've taken up running since the intense part of my treatment has finished.

Make sure you take a look around the JBBC blog while you're there - it's inspirational, motivational, and educational to say the least!

01 June 2011

Bizness Babes Blog: Hatiheri's Profile

Here is my interview for the Bizness Babes Blog Profile:

What is the name of your business?
My name is Tish Kirkland and my business is Hatiheri - headwear and accessories for hair loss.

When & Where did you start Bizness Babes?
I did the Bizness Babes course in Brisbane starting August 2010. 

How has it helped your business?
In so many ways! By guiding me to produce my Business Plan, by providing advice about so many different legal obligations and financial aspects of running my own business, by sharing inspirational stories about other, real, women, and by giving me the confidence to take my idea to the world! 

The biggest lesson you have learnt when it comes to your business?
“Start where you want to finish.” 

Your experience of doing the Bizness Babes course.
For me, the Bizness Babes course was perfect for helping with getting me back on track with my life following treatment for breast cancer. It gave me something (other than my health) to focus on every week , which was a refreshing change. I met the most amazing women with bright and creative ideas and was (and continue to be) inspired by these women. In addition, I loved being part of a community organisation and it really made me feel connected with my city.