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13 August 2013

GPS Watch

I like doing my own runs on a regular basis, usually 3 - 5 km at a time and perhaps twice to three times per week. Since getting my little Garmin Forerunner 10 watch with GPS, I have been able to really push myself to run that extra 30 metres or so to reach the goal I had set at the beginning of my run.

Unfortunately, my iPod nano did not survive a wash cycle in the pocket of my shorts, so that has been out of action for over a year now. Sadly, Apple does not provide any warrantee or guarantee for "water damage".

The upside is that I much prefer my Garmin to the iPod & Nike tracker anyway!

I don't have to worry about earphones,  I can easily check the distance any time, and I can pause it  and restart it with the touch of a button. The GPS is accurate, and because I can also view my runs on google maps, I now pretty much know exactly where each kilometre marker is on my regular routes.

Highly recommended for walkers, runners, and cyclists. I chose the smaller of the GPS watches available because I wanted the simplest one. It comes in several colour choices: pink, green, and black. I decided I needed a break from pink and opted for my favourite colour: green.