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26 May 2011

Crafties: Spincushions & Your Organ Grinder

Oh I do love social networking sites.

Meandering through one link and another, I found my way to Spincushions and entered their blog giveaway to win an eye-ball hair tie from Simmone Grinder (of "Your Organ Grinder").

I won!

And to top it off, Shelley (of "Spincushions") did a featurette of me on her blog.

A big thank you to Simmone who provided the hair tie and Shelley for the competition.

Both of these talented ladies make lovely items.

Check them out:

Simmone "Your Organ Grinder" (Blog) (Facebook)

Shelley "Spincushions" (Blog) (Facebook)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tish - thanks do much for the mention. Congrats on winning! I am a tiny bit wishing I had won it myself hehe