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02 July 2011

Reasons to Run 2: It's easy

One thing I like about running is that it doesn't take too much physical coordination.

Basically, it's putting one foot in front of the other. Admittedly,  I do think about where and how my feet, knees, shoulders and arms are positioned when I run, because I understand that this is important for short- and long-term injury prevention.


I don't have to worry about catching or throwing a ball, using a stick or bat, or coordinating with other people. Yes, I do have to manoeuvre around pedestrians, bus stops, cyclists, and sometimes run on and off the footpath, but generally that's the extent of it - and that suits me just fine!

To paraphrase Phoebe from Friends: it doesn't
matter how you run because you only see
(other people) the one time and then you pass
them by.

OK, so my running style isn't quite as energetic or unique as hers... but it's still fun!

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