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15 April 2011

Inspiration: Bizness Babes

Hatiheri could not exist if it were not for the wonderful and timely support and guidance of "Bizness Babes".

"inspiring women to turn ideas into business"

I did the course in Brisbane in August 2010. My coach was Liana Kabel and my business facilitator was Sam Jockel.

"Bizness Babes is a not for profit organisation with a range of business training programs for women who want to succeed in business.

"We began in 2006 with a vision to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of mothers. Women who don’t have access to mainstream business education. Women who dream to succeed.

"Through our Business Development Program we have given hundreds of women the tools to create successful micro enterprises.

"We let business success be defined by the women themselves. While you may aspire to develop multi million dollar businesses others just want to have some financial independence … the freedom to choose salmon rather than sausages for dinner!"

Are you a Bizness Babe? Please add your business to the 'Comments' section. Thanks!


  1. i am :)

  2. Hi Hatiheri, I am Steph from Sydney grp 4 and I run But you already know that hehe...glad more of us are embracing babes!!

    Xo Steph