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12 April 2011

Mother's Day Classic 2011: We Can Do It!

"TEAM TISH" is getting into costume for the 2011 Mother's Day Classic fund-raising run!

We're going as the "We Can Do It" poster woman, often associated with "Rosie the Riveter".

Just like me, she's wearing a headscarf, working, and dealing with a difficult time. But she's got that upbeat, unbeatable spirit that I see in my family, friends, and supporters.

I've ordered blue denim shirts from an online clearance shop and the next step is to make our headscarves. Hatiheri headscarves of course!

Keep coming back to see photos of the finished result and also of our run. Mother's Day in Australia is on Sunday, 8 May ... less than a month to go ... We Can Do It!

Tymara - Louise - Carly - Kathryn - Gabi - Rita - Julie - Alexis - Bronwyn - Heidi - and YOU!

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