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07 April 2011

New Friends: The Warwick Foundation

I want to introduce you to some new friends of mine: The Warwick Foundation.

The Warwick Foundation is the first and only Non-Profit Charitable Organisation in Australia focusing on supporting young adults (18-40 years) on their cancer journey.

The reality is young adults (aged 18-40+/-) are the fastest growing demographic among the over 10 million new cancer diagnoses each year worldwide. In fact, cancer is the leading disease killer of young adults.

And while there are hundreds of cancer-related organisations in existence today, there are almost none that are strictly focused on meeting the unique needs and issues faced by young adults on their cancer journey.

What The Warwick Foundation does:

    • Advocate for the holistic treatment of young adults and their caregivers
    • Raise awareness on the unique needs of this age group
    • Support the diagnosed and their caregivers through our member programs
    • Provide relevant and age appropriate information
    • Advocate for the establishment of young adult care centres in Australia
    • Support young adult cancer networks and organisations in Australia and overseas
    • Support research programs into the needs of young adults with cancer

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