Discovering my 'new normal' after breast cancer diagnosis at 34.

04 April 2011

Hatiheri+Happiness Project

Naomi from SevenCherubs has set us a Happiness Project challenge...

So here is the plan:
Starting on April 10th and finishing on May 10th we take time each day to record and write one sentence on what has made us feel happy during that day or things that we are grateful for on that day.

At the end of the month after May 10th (Naomi will let us know what date), we each publish as a blog post our one sentence monthly list and link up together here at Seven Cherubs so that we can each read what touched our hearts and made us happy. If you do not feel comfortable sharing all of your daily sentences then just share with us those that you do feel comfortable sharing.

So will YOU join me???

Link up your blog on SevenCherubs if you want to take the happiness project challenge.

1. 10 April: I am grateful for good friends with whom I can talk heart-to-heart.
2. 11 April: Today I am happy because I met a new friend who has been through a similar experience and is now working full time.
3. 12 April: I am happy about a surprise/impromptu dinner-and-movie date with my bloke.
4. 13 April: I am happy to be able to use a car from time to time.
5. 14 April: I am happy for good and timely advice from my business mentor, Liana Kabel.
6. 15 April: I am happy that my brother lent me his bike and I use it nearly every day.
7. 16 April: My sewing machine brings me happiness through creativity.
8. 17 April: I am happy that I have the energy to train for the BNE MDC.
9. 18 April: I am happy to be an auntie! My nephew, Andrew, is 5 months old today.
10. 19 April: Our own "fur-children": Suki and Zoxy.
11. 20 April: Internet friends.
12. 21 April: Friendly neighbours.
13. 22 April: Family.
14. 23 April: I'm happy that Mike and I are godparents to little Andrew!
15. 24 April: I'm grateful for sunny weather over the Easter weekend and a day at our favourite beach with family.
16. 25 April: I'm happy to have met Tash, who does a wonderful job helping me sew!
17. 26 April: I'm happy that I have some teaching work lined up for tomorrow.
18. 27 April: I'm happy that my story was published in the newspaper today and hopefully well help other women in my situation at diagnosis.
19. 28 April: I'm happy about snuggly slippers.
20. 29 April: I'm happy that I can take time to rest and recover from hormonal treatment.
21. 30 April: I'm happy that Mike bought us thermarests which are about 7cm thick! Comfort!
22. 1 May: I'm happy to enjoy a weekend of camping with Mike and some of our friends.
23. 2 May: I'm happy to have blue skies and sunshine, even in Autumn.
24. 3 May: I'm happy that I don't have to go out in the rain.
25. 4 May: I'm happy to go for a run by myself (although I prefer doing it with a friend).
26. 5 May: I'm happy about friends participating in the MDC with me.
27. 6 May: I'm happy that I can participate in a market stall - my first experience - and I met wonderful people there! The other marketeers were so lovely.
28. 7 May: I'm happy to have a little rest.
29. 8 May: I'm happy that I was able to run the Mother's Day Classic 4.5km ... all the way! (Despite having a migraine.) I'm also happy that Mike has been so wonderful and supportive, and that we had a great crew. I'm also happy that it's over. Organising the costumes took a lot of time and energy - but it was worth it!
30. 9 May: I'm happy to have some paid teaching work coming up this week.
31. 10 May: I'm happy to have met Naomi and proud to be a Bizness Babe graduate.


  1. Wow! you put that together fast! Thanks so much for sharing the blog love xx Look forward to reading what made you happy. N x

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  3. Love this happiness list. You are an inspiration my dear! Love that you ran and trained and pushed yourself and made it! you did it. You are amazing!!! Thanks so much for taking part in this project and I am so glad that you have a life full of love and support. Naomi x